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Green Card Lottery
2008-2010 Green Card Visa Lottery Online Application Form

There is only one way to enter the DV-2008-2010 lottery. You or someone in your behalf must
submit an Electronic Diversity Visa Entry Form (E-DV Entry Form) Failure to complete the form in
its entirety will disqualify the entry. Those who submit the E-DV entry will be asked to include the
following information on the E-DV Entry Form.

So please fill the information requested carefully then click on 'continue'. Once we receive your
online application form we will submit your entry correctly and on time.
* Required Field
Your full name: (Last, first, middle)
Sample: Sand, James Baha
Date of birth: (Day, Month, Year)
Sample: 10 December, 1975
Gender:                                       Please select only one:         Male
Country of birth:
Marital Status: (Single or Married)
E-mail address: (Correct e-mail address)
Do you have work experience or
high school graduate? (Yes or No)
One of photo of each application is required by the State Department.
Easy to follow
instructions will be given to you once you submit and we receive the application form and
your payment.
We will also contact you for additional information if we need any. So make sure to give us a
second e-mail address below and make sure they are correct.